I’ve never been someone who was afraid of heights, so when the idea of parasailing was brought to me, I gladly accepted the offer!

There I was, on a beautiful beach loaded with sugar-white sands and emerald-green clear water.  The warm summer breeze was perfect.  The sun was starting to make its way down and there was a slight hint of pale yellow, orange and a hint of pastel blue.  And there I was on a boat with 7 other brave souls, wrapped up tightly in a life jacket with all sort of metal hooks and contraptions on the shoulders.  When it was my turn, I nervously walked to the edge and did exactly was the instructor told me:  “…grab this top handle and sit down.”  Not knowing exactly what to expect next, the boat picked up speed and SHOOOP! I immediately was blown away, then up high into the sky.

The sugar-white shore looked more and more like a trail of spilled coffee creamer against deep green and blue waters.  I looked around and saw seagulls and pelicans, then I looked down at the gently moving glass ocean. I was flying so high and it felt amazing!!  I was floating through the warm summer air like a free bird, in awe of the vastness and beauty of the waters beneath.  If you every have the opportunity to go parasailing, all I have to say is, GO!! It is an experience you will not forget and just thinking back to it will fade away the stress of any day!

Author: Tangier

Tangier's Place was established in 2018 in an effort to create a space where writing and creativity could come to life. Tangier is enthusiastic about travel, nature, good food, life experiences and great times! She loves to write and take what she calls a "literary snapshot" of life, in hopes that it will impact someone in the most positive way possible. Tangier is a firm believer that everyone has something amazing to offer to the world. Happy reading!

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