Most of you know that I suffered some broken bones in a car accident last year. It was my first accident, first broken bones and first surgery….ever.  I was mortified and nervous at the same time.  While my medical team reassured me of the entire surgical process and what to expect, all I could think about was, “I need to hurry up and get back to normal”.

Unfortunately for me, my focus was always on comparing the broken limb to the normal limb.  Comparing strength, range of motion, skin texture, scars, etc.  I became obsessed with the thought that my injured limb needed to go back to looking like the uninjured limb.  But that was simply impossible.

One of the popular slogans that I often hear is that a person must be completely healed and back to normal before moving forward in life.  This ‘moving forward’ applies to personal and business relationships.  I’ve always found fault with this way of thinking, and nothing made this more real than having to deal with a physical injury.

Seven months post surgery, I have to say that NOTHING is the same! After months of occupational and physical therapy, scar treatment, deep tissue massages, contraptions and braces, what was broken will never be ‘normal’ according to my standards.  It will never look like the other limb in any shape or form.  The healed bone is stronger, the skin is tougher, the ligaments are more sturdy. So what does this mean?

Trauma, brokenness, hardship and pain all equate to one word.


As much as we may try to get things “back to normal”, it’s just not going to happen.  Why? Because each time brokenness takes place, there is a new method of survival that is created.  Old methods no longer work.  Whether it’s new muscle, new emotional strength, new defense mechanisms, new conflict resolution, new physical strength, new skin, new ligaments or, in my case, new bone.  All of this newness simply will not allow things to go back to normal.

We spend a lot of our time trying to get a situation back to ‘normal’ after some disruption has taken place and it’s truly wasted time.  Instead, take more control of the situation by embracing and accepting the new standard and moving forward.  Everything changes, nothing remains the same.  Accept your new normal!




Author: Tangier

Tangier's Place was established in 2018 in an effort to create a space where writing and creativity could come to life. Tangier is enthusiastic about travel, nature, good food, life experiences and great times! She loves to write and take what she calls a "literary snapshot" of life, in hopes that it will impact someone in the most positive way possible. Tangier is a firm believer that everyone has something amazing to offer to the world. Happy reading!

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  1. Miss Tangier, hello and so glad to have you walking along side us with WordPress as one of our followers. We too look forward to following you. This post is excellent and know in faith more are coming.


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