Whatever you are currently holding on to in life…grip tighter!

A very simple personal mantra that I found myself practicing is just one word: grip.  In my hectic, multi-tasking world, I’m often doing many things, carrying many things or juggling many things…simultaneously.   If I don’t have a good enough grip, something’s going to slip away.

This doesn’t just pertain to physical items (although I have been getting a good grip there as well!).  More so the non-tangible things.  Finances….get a grip.  Work ethic….get a grip.  Personal relationships….get a grip.  Professional development….get a grip.  Health and wellness…..get a grip!  Whatever any of us are doing at this moment, we can be doing better by tightening up and going to the next level.

You can absolutely get a better grip on something you are doing today.  Whether it’s spending more time with your kids, or spending more time studying a subject.  Or maybe it’s getting ahead of your meal plan routine…..or making a point to let the ones you love know you’re there.

Whatever it is, grip…tighter.

Author: Tangier

Tangier's Place was established in 2018 in an effort to create a space where writing and creativity could come to life. Tangier is enthusiastic about travel, nature, good food, life experiences and great times! She loves to write and take what she calls a "literary snapshot" of life, in hopes that it will impact someone in the most positive way possible. Tangier is a firm believer that everyone has something amazing to offer to the world. Happy reading!

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